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Independent Living

xAs a full-service rental retirement community, Hamlet Village provides the advantages offered by Entrance Fee communities without the limitations.

Here you retain control of your assets and your freedom. You can take advantage of all the lifestyle choices at Hamlet from active, independent living to assisted living and skilled nursing, if you wish. But you are not "locked in" financially. You are free to choose what you want to do with your future with no negative financial consequences.

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  • Hamlet Village in Chagrin Falls has long enjoyed an outstanding reputation as the retirement destination of choice in the greater Cleveland area.

    Noted for its ideal location in a village of attractive homes and charming shops, its elegant style, friendly staff and quality health care, Hamlet Village is being honed for a new generation who are re-defining retirement in their own terms.

    Today's active retirees equate quality of life with convenience, freedom, choice, and on-going growth, vigorously pursuing dreams they may have postponed while they raised a family and managed a career.

    With the addition of new living options, new choices and new services Hamlet Village helps fulfill the dreams of these contemporary seniors for a vibrant successful lifestyle close to family and friends who share common interests.

    Welcome to The Hills and The Heights at Hamlet Village - where living longer and living better go hand in hand.

    Here are examples of the many different styles/sizes of Hillside apartments:

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    Comparison Worksheet

    Just how affordable is independent living in a stylish and worry free apartment in Hamlet Village? Here is a useful exercise to compare your current cost of living in a house, condominium, or rental apartment with independent living at Hamlet Village.

    The following chart is based on the monthly rate for one person in a one-bedroom, one bath, Independent Living Apartment in The Hills at Hamlet Village. Complete this form by filling in your actual monthly expense figures.

    YOUR EXPENSES Current Monthly Hamlet Village Independent Living Monthly
    Mortgage, Rent, Condo Fees $_____________ From $1195 (one-bedroom)
    Lawn and garden maintenance including landscaping, leaf & snow removal $_____________ Included
    Homeowner's Insurance  $_____________ $___________(1)
    Property Taxes $_____________ Included
    Utilities -- Electric and gas $_____________ Included (2)
    Utilities -- Water & Sewer $_____________ Included
    Utilities -- Trash Collection $_____________ Included
    Cable Television $_____________ $56.00
    Transportation to town and activities $____________ Included
    Housekeeping and laundry $___________ $___________ (3)
    Home Maintenance and Repairs, Interior and Exterior $_____________ Included
    Health Club Membership, Fitness Classes $_____________ Included (4)
    Entertainment, Happy Hours, Parties, Music $_____________ Included
    Physician’s Office, Occupational and Speech Therapy $_____________ $___________ (5)
    24 Hour Emergency Response System $_____________ Included
    Country Club Dining $_____________ $___________ (6)
    TOTAL MONTHLY EXPENSES $_____________ $_____________

    (1) Renter insurance only (2) Houses Excluded (3 ) Housekeeping and laundry available at Hamlet for $18.00 per hour (4) Exercise equipment and classes 6 days a week (5) On Site services available (6) Country Club style dinners at rates far below what you would pay in the average restaurant averaging $5-$7 per dinner





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