Parkinson’s Care at Hamlet

Enjoy Life On Your Own Terms.

Although no case of Parkinson’s disease looks exactly alike, the disease affects nearly 1 million people in the United States. Those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease may have trouble walking, talking or handling daily activities that require movement – and we’re here to help with Parkinson’s care at Hamlet.

Care with a Personal Touch

As the voluntary movements of some individuals with Parkinson’s become slower (a symptom called bradykinesia), they may experience tremors in their limbs, face and hands, as well as rigidity in joints and muscles. Our thoughtfully designed community provides a safe, accessible place for residents with neurological difficulties to receive help with daily needs, such as bathing, grooming and medication management. Offering both individualized support based on each person’s needs, abilities and preferences, as well as wellness programming to encourage continued activity and socialization, Parkinson’s care at Hamlet is tailored to each person’s symptoms and progression.

The Most Trusted Parkinson’s Care in Chagrin Falls

Movement disorders can make routine tasks, like moving around the house, frustrating and potentially even unsafe. While each individual experiences the disease differently, we strive for improved quality of life for all residents with Parkinson’s – maximizing independence and improving overall well-being. Our experienced staff cares for your loved one according to their unique needs and treats your loved one as family would. As care needs change over time, Hamlet at Chagrin Falls provides supplementary support from local providers for residents and their families to choose from.

Through Parkinson’s care at Hamlet, your loved one continues to experience comfort, warmth and fulfillment while living in a secure, homelike environment – as we take care of life’s daily challenges and provide increased opportunities to live life to the fullest.

Senior man with granddaughter laughing