Planning Your Move To A Senior Living Community

Many people feel like they’re too young for retirement living — that is, until they actually make the move to a community. It seems that residents often wish they had made the decision earlier, giving them more control of the future and not letting a health crisis make the choice for them.

Moving to a senior living community can bring greater financial freedom and peace of mind when it comes to future care. Best of all, you can begin enjoying the maintenance-free lifestyle at the community of your choice, making friends and taking advantage of wellness opportunities that can keep you feeling young and active for years to come.

How To Simplify The Process

To realize all of these benefits, however, you and your family must take on the task of moving. Moving into any type of new home is understandably stressful and overwhelming, not to mention moving into a type of living that’s completely new to you. Here are some tips for making a smooth transition to a maintenance-provided retirement community.

Choosing a Community

Before you begin the process of finding a community, think about exactly what you are hoping to find. Prioritize the criteria that are most important to you so you have an idea of what to pay most attention to. Financial considerations can be particularly significant in your decision. Some people prefer a more flexible rental community while others are looking for the long-term value of communities with a buy-in.

We encourage individuals to compare their current budget (costs of living and expenses of maintaining a home) to that of living in a particular community. Determine everything that is covered under the community’s rent or fees to see how you could benefit from retirement community living.

You should also carefully assess the lifestyle options available at each of the communities you visit and choose the best fit for you or your loved one. Ideally, the community’s activities will match up with your interests and provide a variety of options for you to stay active and explore new opportunities.

Making the Transition

Once you’ve found the right community, it’s time to prepare for your move. Make sure to recruit some help with packing – in particular, deciding what to take and leave is the most daunting and time-consuming part of the process.

Of course, you’ll want to bring along familiar, meaningful items – however, you’ll likely be downsizing to a smaller space. Many of your belongings will be unnecessary with all of the services and amenities provided at a maintenance-free community. Think about how you can recreate what you love about your previous home while avoiding clutter at the same time.

Use the floor plan of your new senior apartment to streamline your belongings as you downsize. You will want to keep things as simple as you can. Often, people prioritize bringing their favorite furniture, meaningful décor and clothing. If you find yourself in need of additional help, there are companies that specialize in downsizing and senior relocation.

Dealing with Emotions

Having help as you move can definitely ease some of the emotional issues that come along with packing and downsizing. We recommend keeping your thoughts and conversations focused on the future rather than the past. Try to look forward to the excitement of living in a new, comfortable space – as well as incorporating your most treasured belongings.

Prepare For Your Next Phase In Life

Ask family members to get on board with this forward-thinking perspective. If family members are helping out with the move, it may be difficult for them to let go of objects and furnishings that are associated with childhood memories. It’s natural for both you and your loved ones to feel both sad and excited about ending one phase of life and entering another.

As you settle into your new home, give yourself time to adjust. It can take six months or more to make your new community feel like home, find a routine and meet a new circle of friends.

Being prepared and staying positive can help in easing the transition into this next phase of life. At Hamlet, we’ll do anything we can to make your move to our community as smooth as possible. We invite you to contact us with any questions you have about planning your move to maintenance-provided senior living.