Dementia Care at Hamlet

The Utmost in Care for Those with Memory Loss

A Trustworthy Support System

As one of the most common health conditions among adults over the age of 65, every U.S. family is likely to experience dementia in varying degrees. The disease has an impact that reaches much further than those who are diagnosed – affecting spouses, family members and other loved ones. Through dementia care at Hamlet, you’ll find a support system with a greater understanding of not only dementia itself, but also the different challenges faced by individuals with memory loss and those who care for them.

Because memory loss varies greatly between each individual, our dedicated team takes a person-centered approach, focusing on each individual’s specific symptoms, needs and abilities to determine how best to slow the effects of the disease. With dementia care at Hamlet, your family becomes our family, and we get to know each resident’s background, careers, hobbies and values so we can expand on their personal experiences and nurture individual strengths.

Living with dementia can be isolating – for both the individual experiencing symptoms and their loved ones. To counteract the negative effects of isolation, our approach prioritizes close-knit connections and purposeful activities to help our residents lead vibrant, meaningful lives. Our own holistic wellness program, Masterful Moments®, and other innovative programming has been designed to give residents enrichment in mind, body and soul. Additionally, shared spaces and special activities in our community ensure that residents feel connected to others through purposeful interactions and socialization opportunities.

Discover the strong support network and specialized dementia care you’ve been looking for to help your loved one with the challenges of memory loss. We’re here every step of the way, helping each resident make the most of their cognitive abilities, helping families address the difficulties of dementia and most importantly, bringing greater confidence and peace of mind.

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