A Personalized Approach That Makes A Difference.

Incorporating Innovative Therapies Into Daily Life.

We get to know each resident and the details of their lives on a deeper level so we can provide focused attention to continue to help them thrive. By incorporating innovative therapies into daily life – for example, sensory activities and relaxation techniques – we’re able to enhance residents’ well-being in mind, body and soul. It’s in this safe, comfortable and secure setting that we foster meaningful engagement and celebrate each individual’s life experiences.

A Lifestyle Made For Wellness.

Our commitment to person-centered care is further shown through our research-based lifestyle and wellness program, Masterful Moments®. This exclusive approach has been designed to nurture residents’ quality of life by engaging the whole person – physically, spiritually, intellectually and socially. Masterful Moments® shapes everything we do at our community to ensure that we’re caring for each resident in mind, body and spirit and fostering a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age or ability.

An elderly man admiring his painting while an instructor smiles over his shoulder.