Resident Testimonials

Find out why we’ve earned the heartfelt recommendations of our residents.

There are so many reasons seniors love living at Hamlet, and we’d like to introduce you to a few of the folks who’ve found their ideal home here.

After doing her research to find an economical option for downsizing in her retirement years, Mar Gorczyca found that not only did the numbers add up at Hamlet, but also she was pleased to find a stress-free, sociable lifestyle in a beautiful area with neighbors who treat one another like family.

“It’s such a nice place to walk around, meet people and talk to them. It’s close enough to town that you can walk down the hill and go to Chagrin, and it’s a supportive community where people are looking out for you to stay safe.”

Jimmy Washington waited to find just the right place before moving into his 1,600-square foot home at Hamlet. He has since fallen in love with the modern amenities and getting involved in the community.

“It’s ideal. It makes a difference to have help with housekeeping and if I want anything done, all I need to do is ask for it.”